Yorkshire Beard Comp 2018 Entry Details…

Your Beard could be worth upto £2000

to a Charity close to your heart and near to where you live…

Beard Competition

This Year’s Yorkshire Beard Day 2018 TBBC Beard Competition takes place on Sunday 11th March 2018

As part of the Yorkshire Beard Days 2018 Barbers & Beard Festival which is being held in the Grand Hall at the Scarborough Spa over two days,  Sunday 11th March & Monday 12th March 2018. A full list of the other events and activities happening during the festival will be posted on the website and available on the day.

To compete you will need a Beard competitor ticket, these can be purchased in advance from the venue at a cost of £20 each and will also give you access to both days of the festival. see venue website http://www.scarboroughspa.co.uk. there is a small booking fee If purchasing over the telephone 01723 821888 or online. No booking fee if bought in person at the venue.

All monies from the ticket face value will be going to charity.

FREE Entry for Children 12yrs and younger.

On the day you will need to sign in at the Beard registration table for pre-judging to confirm the beard category you are wanting to enter is the correct one for your beard.

Those of you who are judged to be the top of your beard category will receive trophies and prize goody bags.

You will need to nominate a valid Yorkshire based Charity close to your heart and near to where you live which will receive the prize money if your beard wins Yorkshire Beard of the Year 2018

1st prize = £2000 for your nominated charity

2nd prize = £800 for your nominated charity

3rd prize =£400 for your nominated charity

All competitors will receive goody bags & certificates of entry.

There will be portrait photographers in the building ready to capture your beard in all it’s glory.

Join the The British Beard Club before the event and you will receive additional exclusive benefits in your goody bag on the day.

Public access to the venue is available from 10am on the day.

Yorkshire Beard Day 2018 TBBC Beard Competition Categories.

  • Styled Stubble
  • Moustache
  • Goatee
  • Musketeer
  • Sideburns / Mutton chops
  • Business Beard (Short Beard)
  • King Edward VII
  • Verdi
  • Badger Beard (Natural beard of any colour that has distinct stripes)
  • Garibaldi
  • Full Beard Natural
  • Full Beard Styled Moustache
  • Full Beard Freestyle
  • Partial Beard Freestyle
  • Creative & Realistic False Beard Freestyle (open to both children and adults unable to grow a beard)
Yorkshire beard days 2018 - Barbers & Beards Festival Sunday 11th March and Monday 12th March 2018

Yorkshire beard days 2018 – Barbers & Beards Festival Sunday 11th March and Monday 12th March 2018

Competitior Tickets available from the Scarborough Spa Box Office Tel:01723 821888

Barbers…. For info on the Barber Competitions click here

Beard Friendly Bands & Performers 2015

This Year’s Yorkshire Beard Day 2015 Bearded Bands & Entertainers announced so far in no particular order…
Captain of the Lost Waves – a moustache & daggger music box of tales, unsolved mysteries & hidden gems from the bridge of The Pheonix
Laurence Marshall’s One Man Bearded Band – Eccentric multi-instrumentalist beard, singer of songs about lost camels & rice crispies from Scarborough/Leeds
The Dead White Doves – Mighty & Fine Original Rock music beards from Scarborough
Rockin’ Hill Billy & His Rythmn ‘n’ Blues Band – Band leader Billy doesn’t have a beard that’s why he plays the blues from Scarborough
Martin G’Father Nettles – Bearded Punk Poet from Leeds
SheBeat – Singer songwriter & connoisseur of beards from Liverpool
Fantasy Sloth – Electro/synth pop beards from the end of the rainbow
The Vasolators – Bearded BeatNik Rock’n’Roll from Scarborough
more to be announced shortly…. after all there’s also an afterparty for those of you making a weekend of it 😉

Click here to pre-register your beards in advance or turn up and register on the day between 2pm & 3pm Saturday 21st March, 2015 in The Spa Suncourt, Scarborough Spa Complex, Southbay Foreshore, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 2HD.

Captain of the Lost Waves

Captain of the Lost Waves – Moustache & Dagger partial beard freestyle fantasy

Laurence Marshall - One Man Beard Band

Laurence Marshall – One Man Beard Band

The Dead White Doves

The Dead White Doves – BEARDS!

Rockin Hill Billy and His Rhythm & Blues Band

Rockin Hill Billy and His Rhythm & Blues Band – 1 beard + 3 cut throat reasons to play the blues…

Martin G'dfather Nettles Beard

Martin G’dfather Nettles Beard


SheBeat – Songs to stroke beards to

Fantasy Sloth Beards

Fantasy Sloth Beards

The Vasolators

The Vasolators – 2 beards 1 designer stubble