Beard Registration now OPEN!

Beard Registration is now OPEN!

You can now register your beards (real or false) in advance for the Yorkshire Beard Day 2017 Friendly Beard Competition which will take place on Saturday 4th March 2017  2pm – 7:30pm at the Spa Suncourt, Scarborough Spa Complex, Southbay, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 2HD

Click here for advance registration. or use the menu link above.

Categories include…

  • Styled Stubble
  • Moustache
  • Goatee
  • Musketeer
  • Sideburns or Mutton chops
  • Business Beard
  • King Edward VII
  • Verdi, Garibaldi
  • Full Beard Natural
  • Full Beard Styled Moustache
  • Full Beard Freestyle
  • Partial Beard Freestyle
  • False Beard Freestyle.
False Beard Freestyle - Yorkshire Beard Day - everyone can take part in the fun & friendly beard competition run by The British Beard Club

False Beard Freestyle – Yorkshire Beard Day beard competition everyone can join in and enjoy

Yes, Ladies and Children can join in too! by making and bringing your own Fake beards for the False beard freestyle category.

False and Knitted beards will also be available to purchase on the day with profits going to the Prostate Cancer Charity Prostate Cancer UK

There are bragging rights and Prizes to be won!


Click here for advance registration. or use the menu link above.


Photography, Sponsorship and Trade Stalls enquiries click here

Yorkshire beard day - prizes

Yorkshire beard day – prizes can be won

Scarborough – It’s Better by Beard

Here’s a Nostalgic Old Railway Poster re-imagined for Yorkshire Beard Day 2015 🙂

Yorkshire Beard Day 2015 – TBBC Northern Beard Meet Up takes place in Scarborough at The Scarborough Spa Complex on Saturday 21st March 2015 from 2pm til 7:30pm. Followed by an after party… You can register your beards in advance by clicking here.

Scarborough - It's better by beard - Yorkshire Beard Day 2015 - nostalgia poster

Scarborough – It’s better by beard – Yorkshire Beard Day 2015 – nostalgia poster

Yorkshire Beard Day 2014 TBBC friendly Beard Comp results!

There were 54 fantastic real & false beards registered for the Yorkshire Beard Day 2014 TBBC friendly beard competition this year…

The most hotly contested catergories were Full Beard Natural & False Beard Freestyle.

Overall standard was Very high in all categories.

The Judges thank you all for showing off your beards at their very best!

Special thanks to those of you who made special effort in the costume department.

You did your Beards proud!

Bragging rights this year go to the following….

Styled stubble
1st = Guy Baumann
2nd = Dr John Oakland

Kind Edward
1st = Tony Pulsa
2nd = Jonny Manchester

1st = Steve Ridgewell
2nd = Rae Pulsa

1st = Mike Smith
2nd = Patrick Woollons

Partial Beard Freestyle
1st = Michael Wallage
2nd = Craig Shanks Hitchen-Anderson
3rd = Magnus Young Karlsen

Full beard natural
1st = Micheal Legge
2nd = Damien Knight
3rd = Paul Jones

Full beard moustache
1st = Charlie Saville
2nd = Kenneth Waters
3rd = Jack Hewitt

Full Beard Freestyle
1st = Andy Teague
2nd = Alexander Magraw
3rd = Dave Balmford

False beard Freestyle (will check photos to match names later)
1st = Sculpted beard with owl and bird
2nd = Knitted long flowery beard
3rd = Tied result – Child with colourful beard and Metal beard Katy.

Best in show and winner of the title Yorkshire Beard 2014
Michael Legge
Very close competitors were – Mike Smith and Alexander Magraw

Judges were

Dawne louise Cooper – Racoon international Artistic team

George Dobson – George Henry’s Traditional Barbers