Yorkshire Beard Day 2017 Bragging rights

Official Yorkshire Beard Day TBBC Fun & Friendly Beard Competition results are as follows…

Bragging Rights for the year ahead were claimed by the following people…

False Beard Freestyle

  1. Katy Potatey
  2. Nicola McAllister
  3. Louise Taylor


  1. Adam Clarke
  2. Stuart Swann


  1. Ben Waddington

Mutton Chops / Side Burns

  1. Dom Jarvis

Business Beard

  1. Luke Dixon
  2. Leon Dumont
  3. Ryan Linley

King Edward VII

  1. Carl Coates


  1. Frazer
  2. Vince McAllister
  3. Matthew Darlow

Full Beard Natural

  1. Ronnie Fox
  2. Dave Johnson
  3. Lewis Aylmer

Full Beard Styled Moustache

  1. Shane Hazelgrave
  2. Andrew Brady
  3. Ian Taylor

Full Beard Freestyle

  1. Dave Balmford

Partial Beard Freestyle

  1. Ben Johnson


Over all Winners… audience favourites

Yorkshire Beard of the Year

  • Ben Waddington

Close second

  • Carl Coates

Runner up

  • Shane Hazelgrave


What a fabulously hairy day it was to Beard beside the seaside at the Scarborough Spa Suncourt 🙂

Thank you for bringing yourselves, your smiles and your amazing face furniture with you… see you all again next year!

Massive thanks and appreciation to all those that helped make such a tremendously cheery day possible.

Yes please do send in any photos of the day that you would like us to use on this website and to be used to promote Yorkshire Beard Day… you can get in touch via the contact form.

More updates and thankyous later in the week…

Until then enjoy the photos and coverage in the press and other media.

Beard Registration now OPEN!

Beard Registration is now OPEN!

You can now register your beards (real or false) in advance for the Yorkshire Beard Day 2017 Friendly Beard Competition which will take place on Saturday 4th March 2017  2pm – 7:30pm at the Spa Suncourt, Scarborough Spa Complex, Southbay, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 2HD

Click here for advance registration. or use the menu link above.

Categories include…

  • Styled Stubble
  • Moustache
  • Goatee
  • Musketeer
  • Sideburns or Mutton chops
  • Business Beard
  • King Edward VII
  • Verdi, Garibaldi
  • Full Beard Natural
  • Full Beard Styled Moustache
  • Full Beard Freestyle
  • Partial Beard Freestyle
  • False Beard Freestyle.
False Beard Freestyle - Yorkshire Beard Day - everyone can take part in the fun & friendly beard competition run by The British Beard Club

False Beard Freestyle – Yorkshire Beard Day beard competition everyone can join in and enjoy

Yes, Ladies and Children can join in too! by making and bringing your own Fake beards for the False beard freestyle category.

False and Knitted beards will also be available to purchase on the day with profits going to the Prostate Cancer Charity Prostate Cancer UK

There are bragging rights and Prizes to be won!


Click here for advance registration. or use the menu link above.


Photography, Sponsorship and Trade Stalls enquiries click here

Yorkshire beard day - prizes

Yorkshire beard day – prizes can be won

It has been announced! Yorkshire Beard Day 2017

Yorkshire Beard Day 2017 - TBBC Northern Beard Meet Up Saturday March 4th at 2pm - 7:30pm Scarborough Spa, Southbay, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 2HD

Yorkshire Beard Day 2017 – TBBC Northern Beard Meet Up Saturday March 4th at 2pm – 7:30pm Scarborough Spa, Southbay, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 2HD

Yorkshire Beard Day 2017 – TBBC Northern Beard Meet Up
Saturday March 4th 2017 at Scarborough Spa Complex, Scarborough UK.

2pm – 7:30pm

Yorkshire Beard Day 2017 is our annual follically family friendly fun event for beard growers, lovers and appreciators in and around Yorkshire and visitors from near and far.

You are invited to spend a Saturday at the seaside in the company of Yorkshire Beards, Real Beer and family friendly fun. All are welcome.

Join us in the Spa Sun Court from 2pm for a Northern Beard Meet up and friendly Beard Competition organised by The British Beard Club.

You will be greeted by bearded bands and artists, vintage vinyl records played on wind up gramophone players, specially brewed beard beer, stalls selling all manner of beard-related products including beard oil, beard balms, beard and moustache combs, moustache wax, beard t-shirts, knitted beards etc… Plus family friendly Fun and Games such as Beard Bingo! Beard drawing and colouring-in.

Beard competition bragging rights and prizes galore! Including prizes for best fake beard for those of you unable to grow your own. Fake beards can be made by yourself or purchased on the day with profits going to the prostate cancer support charity Prostate Cancer UK.

At 6pm There will be a Bearded Banquet whilst the judges decide the beard category winners and then at 7:30pm the title of Yorkshire Beard 2017 will be

After Party arrangements and further event details will be announced closer to the time for those of you with an eye to staying over and making a weekend of it. 🙂

Trade Stall & Sponsorship enquiries please click here

There is ample space for Photographers who wish to set up portable studios more info please click here